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Technical writing is 🍞bread and 🧈butter of every self-respecting
Write your article once and publish it on every platform.


Boy, does it spreeeeeeaaad

To Platforms Where Geeks Hang-Out

Familiar, right?

They allow you to republish your original content with canonical URLs pointing to it, for maximum exposure.

  • mediumMedium has over 100 mln monthly active users.
  • devtoDev.to has over 250k monthly active users.
  • hashnodeHashnode has over 110k monthly active users.
  • spreadmdSPREAD.md is next up We will publish all the posts with canonical URLs. and it will beat them all combined for sure.
  • webhookYour Blog is next up You will be able to publish via a webhook. as the original source.

+c and +v is plain boring 💩

Definitely not the Nutella

All the different formats, inputs, properties, and whatnot.
It is mundane, manual labor - unbecoming of a developer like you.
Your time is better-spent coding and not copy-pasting.
(or, at the very least, copy-pasting the code)

Enter the spread

Now we're talking

Write your posts once, using markdown.
As many as you want - there's no limit on the drafts.
When ready, publish them on all your platforms with a single click.
Pay only for what you use, and only when you use it.

  • #1. Write Once

    Say NO to Copy-Paste

    Use a simple and very user-friendly markdown editor (below) with a live preview for your content creation, shared inputs for the properties common to all the platforms, and all the platform-specific fields.

    Basic stats for your article, like the word count, characters total, and reading time, are shown to you in real-time.

    Keep your copywriting as DRY as possible.

  • #2. Publish Everywhere

    It Just Works

    Once written, reviewed and ready, publish your article on all platforms.

    It happens instantly 99% of the time for Dev.to and Hashnode.

    Medium API is another unfortunate story, working in mysterious ways. You get instant feedback on the request status, and if it fails, it takes you through the step-by-step publishing process.

    It is as painless as it gets, sadly.

  • #3. Pay For Usage-Only

    No Bullshit Subscription

    Remember top-up cards for your phone?

    Here you go, it is the same thing: SMS is your content, you pay more if it gets longer, and you pay more if you add media (MMS).

    There's no bullshit subscription, pay only for what you publish, calculated from the content volume.

    Simply top-up your credits at any time, and write-away.

Publishing Credits 💰💰💰

The Pay As You Go Model

Credits are the currency you spend on publishing your content.
More content submitted = more credits.
More media uploaded = more credits.
As simple as that.

See Them Out There

Maximum Exposure

Below is my real-life markdown article republished on four different platforms.

  • My Website

    My Websitehixdev

    The original "Software Project Checklist" article written for my website, hix.dev. It gets all the SEO juice from other platforms.

  • Dev.to


    The same "Software Project Checklist" article is published on Dev.to, transfering all its SEO juice to my website.

  • Hashnode


    The same "Software Project Checklist" article is published on Hashnode.com, transfering all its SEO juice to my website.

  • Medium


    The same "Software Project Checklist" article is published on Medium.com, transfering all its SEO juice to my website.

Wiktor Plaga
Wiktor Plaga
The ButterKnife
I write a lot about software, and wasted way-too-much time on unintuitive platforms and their weird editorial perks.

Spread away so you don't.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions. Have another one?
Get in touch!

The credits are calculated using the tiktoken NPM package with gpt2 algorithm.

Quoting OpenAI's Tokenizer:

A helpful rule of thumb is that one token generally corresponds to ~4 characters of text for common English text. This roughly translates to ¾ of a word (so 100 tokens = ~75 words).

On top of that, there's a flat fee for the media uploaded: 1 credit equals 50KB of media size.

It is not an image optimization platform as of yet. I can recommend compressor.io for that.

Unused Credits are refundable for 7-days after the purchase - reach out.

Once you succesfully publish, they are gone forever, and so is the money.

You get notified, and I'll be hacking IFTTT or Browserflow integration. In the meantime, prices get adjusted accordingly.

They haven't done anything for a long time - even though some of the functionalites are deprecated.

Nothing conclusive was ever said by Google on that matter, as far as I know.


It is not so much about the SEO, as it is about your exposure. You'll start poping up everywhere, and people will start notice you. You'll get more followers and recognition. And that's what matters.

Also: you can promote the same content on 3 platforms at once, and that's a win.

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