Frequently Asked Questions

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The credits are calculated using the tiktoken NPM package with gpt2 algorithm.

Quoting OpenAI's Tokenizer:

A helpful rule of thumb is that one token generally corresponds to ~4 characters of text for common English text. This roughly translates to ¾ of a word (so 100 tokens = ~75 words).

On top of that, there's a flat fee for the media uploaded: 1 credit equals 50KB of media size.

It is not an image optimization platform as of yet. I can recommend for that.

Unused Credits are refundable for 7-days after the purchase - reach out.

Once you succesfully publish, they are gone forever, and so is the money.

You get notified, and I'll be hacking IFTTT or Browserflow integration. In the meantime, prices get adjusted accordingly.

They haven't done anything for a long time - even though some of the functionalites are deprecated.

Nothing conclusive was ever said by Google on that matter, as far as I know.


It is not so much about the SEO, as it is about your exposure. You'll start poping up everywhere, and people will start notice you. You'll get more followers and recognition. And that's what matters.

Also: you can promote the same content on 3 platforms at once, and that's a win.

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